Parametric design tool/service for interior & architectural design

Start using our automated design algorithms! We provide accessible manufacturing techniques with wide range of materials.You can create beautiful, custom structures and objects now.

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Parametric made Accessible

We simplify design and manufacturing process of complex parametric structures for interior and exterior architecture.

We introduce simple services that make it easy to fabricate complex designs with industry standard tools.

The solutions we offer can be applied to a wide range of materials, styles and scales.

What do we offer

  • Our hands-on involvement in your project
  • Customized design elements per spec
  • Interface & management of manufacturing
  • Integration of custom technical parameters - acoustic optimization, lighting, etc.
  • Installation services

Already have a vision? Know what you want to build?


Greater Design Flexibility

Easy transfer to standard manufacturing techniques (CNC, Laser etc)

Range of workable materials

Expand Your Customer Base / Addressable projects

Parametrically ‘Tweak’ and pre-visualize variations

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